May 2015
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Blessed Margaret Pole Feast Day — May 28

Margaret Pole was the niece of two English kings. Another king arranged for Margaret to marry Sir Reginald Pole, a friend of the royal family. They had a happy marriage. When Reginald died, the new king, Henry VIII, made Margaret a countess. He appointed her governess of his daughter. Henry VIII called Margaret the “holiest [...]

St. Augustine of Canterbury Feast Day — May 27

Augustine is sometimes called the “Apostle of England.” In the year 596, Fr. Augustine left his quiet life as a monk in Rome to lead a group of monks to preach the Gospel in England. England was a very uncivilized place in those days. It was ruled by tribes of Anglo-Saxons who were brutal and [...]

St. Philip Neri Feast Day — May 26

In the Mass on St. Philip Neri’s feast day, we pray, “Lord, keep us always cheerful in our work for the glory of your name and the good of our neighbor” (Sacramentary, page 638). Philip was known for his cheerfulness and sense of humor. He used these gifts to serve God and to help others [...]

St. Gregory VII Feast Day - May 25

In the year 1020, a boy named Hildebrand was born in Tuscany, Italy. He was educated for the priesthood in Rome and was chosen by Pope Gregory VI to be his personal chaplain. After the pope died, Hildebrand entered a monastery to pray and study. [...]

St. Rita of Cascia Feast Day — May 22

Rita was born in a small village near Cascia, Italy in 1381. Her parents had waited many years for a child and they gave thanks to God for Rita’s birth. As a child, Rita often visited the nuns at the Augustinian convent in town and hoped to be able to join them one day. Rita’s [...]

St. Joachina de Vedruna de Mas Feast Day — May 19

Joachina married Theodore de Mas, a man from a royal family in Barcelona, Spain in 1799. She was only sixteen years old. Joachina and her husband had nine children before Theodore was killed fighting in a war. Many people might think that the responsibility of raising such a large family alone was enough, but Joachina [...]

Isidore the Farmer - May 15

The other farm hands thought Isidore was lazy and caused them extra work. Like them, Isidore was a day-laborer on a wealthy estate in Madrid, Spain nearly a thousand years ago. Because Isidore took time to go to mass before coming to work, the other farmers thought they were doing some of his share of [...]

St. Matthias, Apostle Feast Day — May 14

If you were running for election, what qualifications would you have to offer to voters? Why should they elect you?

The Apostles faced the same questions. After Jesus returned to his Father in heaven, St. Peter spoke to a gathering of about 120 of Jesus’ disciples. He said they needed to elect an Apostle to replace [...]

Blessed Edmund Rice Feast Day — May 5

Can you imagine what it would be like if it were a crime for children to go school? That was the law in Ireland when Edmund Rice, who was born in 1762, was growing up. The people of Ireland were harshly ruled at that time by the British. People believed that if the Irish were [...]

Sts. Philip and James the Less Feast Day: May 3

Philip and James were both Apostles, chosen by Jesus to follow him and to continue his work of building the Kingdom of God. We celebrate their feast on the same day because, although they died at different times and in different places, their bodies were moved and are buried together in the Church of the [...]