Faith First Legacy Edition Junior High (Parish and School)

Five titles for Junior High are available that can be interchanged to meet your scheduling needs.  The twelve chapters in each text include unique interwoven Scripture chapters.

Mystery of God examines the Creed as the summary statement of our beliefs.
Morality: Life in Christ leads young people to study and apply principles of Catholic morality.
image Church and Sacraments explores how the sacraments bind us together as a community of faith.
image Jesus in the New Testament emphasizes the life and message of Jesus, introduces the Letters of Paul, and the Book of Revelation.
image Church History introduces the major themes, events and people that have helped build the Church. 
  Catechist/Teacher Guides:
Challenge teens to make faith decisions while they explore doctrine, Scripture, and the liturgical year.  These guides include flexible lesson plans.
  Class Kits:
These kits contain:
• Activities and Assessment Tools
• A variety of activities and assessment instruments are included for every chapter and unit.
• Called to Prayer and Liturgical Lessons
• Reproducible resources for all the weeks of Advent, Christmas, Lent, Easter and Pentecost.
• Helping Kids Live Their Faith
• Seven principles of Catholic Social Teaching and service projects.


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