Three Great Program Choices

RCL Benziger is proud to provide you with three different approaches to effective sacrament preparation. Choose the program that best meets your needs.

Eucharist and Reconciliation

imageReconciliation and Eucharist use a ritual catechesis to lay the foundation for an experience of the sacraments that leads children to an appreciation and knowledge of the mysteries of our faith.  Use this program with 7-9 year olds, or 10-14 year olds.  The extensive Program Director Manuals provide helpful tips and articles, meeting plans, and special resources for celebrating the restored order of the sacraments of initiation. Both English and Spanish Editions are available. 
Child’s Book:  Beautiful keepsake books prepare children with lessons that provide ritual, Catholic doctrine and liturgy, Scripture, and activities for family involvement. A glossary, daily prayers, and a certificate are included in each child’s book.

imageCatechist Guides: Easy-to-follow guides give clear objectives, include solid background,
and provide a simple process.  Each guide includes an opening and sending forth ritual
for each chapter, additional activities, glossary, Scripture plays, and more!          

Family Guides: Provide families with effective catechesis – ask parents to reinforce your lessons, or prepare their children completely at home.  Each easy-to-accomplish four-step lesson begins with a family ritual and concludes with an activity and closing prayer.

Program Director’s Manual: These extensive manuals make programming for sacrament preparation easy and effective.  Six special sections in the Manuals highlight information and resources for :  The Program Director, Prayer and Ritual, The Parish Assembly,  The Family, The Catechist and Preparing Older Children (10-14 years old).  In addition, resources for the celebration of the restored order of the Sacraments of Christian Initiation are included in the Eucharist PDM.

Review Sample Pages from the Program Director's Manuals!
Reconciliation PDM sample pages
Part 1: p. 38 Using the Sacraments Web Site
Part 3: p. 65  Sacramental People
Part 5: p.121 The Good Samaritan

Eucharist PDM sample pages
Part 2: p. 48 Blessing With Water a Large Group Ritual
Part 4: p. 105  Readiness for the Sacrament
Part 6: p. 172 Frequently Asked Questions
Part 7: p. 177 Preparing Older Children
Music CDs
Developed in partnership with Oregon Catholic Press, these engaging music CDs contain a variety of liturgical and catechetical songs for Eucharist and Reconciliation.
A mixture of songs in Spanish and English and selected instrumental tracks are provided.
Eucharist Hymns
Come to the Feast (Ven Al Banquete) (Bob Hurd)
Table of Plenty (Dan Schutte)
Oyenos, mi Dios (Listen to Your People) (Bob Hurd)
Alle, Alle, Alleluia (Rev. Richard Ho Lung)
We Believe (Christopher Walker)
Creo en Jesus (Christopher Walker)
Malo! Malo! Thanks Be to God (Jesse Manibusan)
Jesus, You are Bread for Us (Christopher Walker)
Cristo Ha Muerto (Christ has Died Memorial Acclamation A) (Jesse Manibusan)
Cantamos Amen (We Sing Amen) (Jesse Manibusan)
We Remember You (Bernadette Farrell)
Love Each Other (Christopher Walker)
The Lord’s Prayer (Christopher Walker)
Taste and See (Bob Hurd)
Pan de Vida (Bob Hurd)
We Are the Church (Christopher Walker)
Together We’ll Share (Christopher Walker)
Reconciliation Hymns
Like a Shepherd (Bob Dufford)
The Good Shepherd (Christopher Walker)
El Buen Pastor (Christopher Walker)
We Are Yours, O Lord (Janet Vogt)
Pescador de Hombres (Lord, You Have Come) (Caesareo Gabarain)
I Have Loved You (Michael Joncas)
Envia Tu Espiritu (Bob Hurd)
Jesus, Come to Us (David Haas)
Listen to Jesus (Bernadette Farrell)
If Today You Hear God’s Voice (Mark Friedman)
Change Our Hearts (Rory Cooney)
Give Me a New Heart (Christopher Walker)
I’m Sorry (Christopher Walker)
Lo siento (Christopher Walker)
God of Mercy (Bernadette Farrell)
Be with Me, Lord (Michael Joncas)   
Open My Eyes (Jesse Manibusan)
Peace is Flowing like a River (Carey Landry)
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Reconciliation: Pardon and Peace and Eucharist: We Give Thanks and Praise

NEW! Reconciliation: Pardon and Peace and NEW! Eucharist: We Give Thanks and Praise explore the meaning of rituals, symbols, gestures, and prayers to promote active participation.  This program is designed to touch the heart as well as the head, engaging children using story, Scripture, doctrine and prayer. Available for both Primary and Intermediate levels, in English and Bilingual Editions.  
imageChild’s Book:  Each lesson begins with an engaging story that connects with Scripture to invite children to a living relationship with God’s word. Family involvement is encouraged at every step, and a Little Catechism provides a review of basic Catholic doctrine.
Catechist Guide: Easy-to-use guides provide a comprehensive faith summary, clear learning objectives, optional activities and a black line master for each lesson.
Program Director’s Guide: Resource guides provide tools to catechize the whole parish         and include outlines for parent sessions, catechist orientation/formation, articles, models, and more!

Music CD’s: Music in English and Spanish will energize the prayer experience of children. Lyrics are included in each Catechist Guide.
Eucharist Hymns
Psalm 100: We Are God’s People/ Nostros Somos Su Puebla (Jaime Cortez)
Somos el Cuerpo de Cristo/We are the Body of Christ (Jaime Cortez)
Hear our Prayer (Tom Tomaszcek)
Open our Ears (Daryl Ducote)
Malo, Malo/Thanks be to God (Jesse Manibusan)
We Remember (Marty Haugen)
Go Make a Difference (Steve Angrisano/Tom Tomaszcek)
Pan de Vida (Bob Hurd/ Pia Moriarty
Amen, El Cuerpo de Cristo (John Schavone)
I  Send You Out (John Angotti)
Let the Children Come (Rory Cooney)
Gathered as One (Paul Tate/Deanna Light)
Come to the Table (Tony Alsonsa)
Pescador de Hombres (Cesareo Gabarain)
Te Damos Gracias (Juan Espinosa)
Agua de Vida/Water of Life (Jaime Cortez)
Reconciliation Hymns
Psalm 100: We Are God’s People/ Nostros Somos Su Puebla (Jaime Cortez)
Christ Be Our Light (Bernadette Farell)
Change our Hearts (Rory Cooney)
Children of God (Rory Cooney)
Ama a Tu Senor (Al Valeverde)
Psalm 103: The Lord is Kind and Merciful (Ed Bolduci)
Salmo 50: Oh Dios, Crea en Mi (Eleazor Cortes)
Malo, Malo/Thanks Be to God (Jesse Manibusan)
Give Us Your Peace (Michael Mahler)
I Say “Yes,”Lord/Digo “Si” Senor (Donna Pena)
Yes, We Believe (Paul A Tate)
Somos el Cuerpo de Cristo (Jaime Cortez)
Agua de Vid (Jaime Cortez)
Bienvenurados (Lourdes Montgomery)
Anthem (Tom Conry)
Song of the Body of Christ/Cancion del Cuerpo de Cristo (David Haas)
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The Gift of Reconciliation, The Gift of Eucharist

The Gift of Reconciliation and The Gift of Eucharist integrate Scripture at the core of every lesson and remind children that everything in life is a gift.  As Catholics, we respond to God’s gifts throughout our lifetime as we celebrate the sacraments with thanks and praise.  Available in English, this series provides a complete Family Guide for the Hispanic Community which contains a Spanish translation of the child’s books.
imageChilds Book: Using contemporary photographs and engaging illustrations, these beautifully designed books lead primary grade children to discover God in their lives, meet God in Scripture and tradition, and live with God always.

Catechist Guide:  An easy-to-follow three-step lesson plan makes lesson planning and presentation effective and engaging.  Every lesson begins with adult formation – an opportunity for catechist to learn about and reflect on the lesson theme.

Family Guides for the Hispanic Community:  Enable Spanish-speaking parents to share faith and the rich customs, rituals, and traditions of the Hispanic community using these comprehensive guides.  The child’s book is include in reduced size with a complete translation in Spanish.
Program Director’s Manual: Along with a complete program overview, you’ll find tips for planning and formation, parent meeting models, retreats for children and families, black line masters in English and Spanish, and suggestions for adapting the student text for older children.

Music CDs:  Selections include vocal and instrumental tracks and can be found in current worship aids.  A Song Book and Accompaniment Book with guitar and keyboard arrangements is also available.
Gifts for a Lifetime
I Will Extol You, O God (Roc O’Connor, SJ)
With Open Hands (Roc O’Connor, SJ)
River of Glory (Dan Schutte)
Pueblo de Dios (Bob Hurd and Pia Moriarty)
Spirit, Come (Gregory Norbet)
Save Your People (Jim Farrell)
Lead Me, Lord (John D. Becker)
Gather Your People (Bob Hurd)
Kyrie Mass XVI, Plainsong, Mode III
Glory to God (Mass of St Paul) (Grayson Warren Brown)
Pan de Vida (Bob Hurd)
The Goodness of the Lord (Kate Boland, Bob Boland, Rick Dalby, Kathy Lewis)
Jesus, You are Bread for Us (Christopher Walker)
Somos el Cuerpo de Cristo/ We Are the Body of Christ (Jaime Cortez)
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